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CNA Training Course

Nurse Assistant Training(NAT) Program Overview

The NAT Program meets the California Department of Public Health’s requirements for Nurse Assistant Training in California, including 60 plus hours of classroom/lab and 100 hours of supervised hands-on clinical experience at a local Skilled Nursing Facility. All classes are taught by experienced licensed and registered nurses with a small student to instructor ratio to provide quality training. At present due to COVID 19, Autumn School of Nursing is offering a state of the art online distant learning platform including lectures, videos and classroom laboratory hours. The online course allows you to enjoy completing your (60) required theory hours from virtually anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection, computer, or smart device. All students will learn key skills necessary to succeed as a Certified Nurse Assistant.

Course Components

Lecture: Note taking and pre-reading are mandatory and add to the learning process.

Activities: Activities are designed to involve students in the experiential learning process.

Video: Videos and instructor demonstrations are used to provide a standardized method for all nursing skills to help ensure standardization of quality, and to present real life scenarios for the student.

Lab sessions: Lab sessions allow students to demonstrate competency in each skill prior to the clinical experience.

Clinical experience: The clinical component of the program will provide students a real world, hands-on learning opportunity in a healthcare facility.

Admission Policy

Students enrolling in the Nurse Assistant Training Program must be at least 16 years of age and possess a valid Social Security Card.

Computer  & Software Requirements

Student must have a computer or laptop with the following operating system of Windows, Apple, or ChromeOS. Processor must have minimum inslge core Intel or Apple. Computer or laptop must also have a webcam able to use video and audion when in class.

Documents Required Upon Registration

1) Nurse Assistant Training Registration Form

2) Background Check Release Form

3) Education – One of the following is required:

     i. A High School Diploma/GED from the United States

     ii. Assessment Test

4) Enrollment Agreement

5) Copy of Government issued photo ID/Passport

6) Autumn School of Nursing TB Form documenting negative TB test (must be completed within 7 days of the start of clinical; a  negative chest x-ray will be accepted within 1 year of the start of clinical)

7) Autumn School of Nursing History & Physical Form completed by Healthcare Practitioner. Current evidence of Influenza vaccination and current COVID19 screening negative results (2 weeks prior to start of clinical).

8) Payments


Total cost payable to Autumn School of Nursing for this training is $2,000.00 (includes $250.00 non-refundable application fee). Each student will be responsible for additional expenses (see below).

Included In Tuition

Two (2) sets of uniforms

Physical Exam

Criminal background check

COVID19 screening/testing

Tuberculosis/TB test

Virtual textbook

Live Scan Fingerprinting

Student Responsibility

BLS CPR/AED Training                                                                 $35.00

Watch with a second hand:                                            $20.00-$30.00

Competency Evaluation Program (CEP Test):                        $135.00

Payment Terms

Prospective students can pay their tuition in 2 payments: Application fee Non-Refundable ($250.00); and Tuition ($1,000.00) prior to the start of class and 2nd payment of ($1,000) at the star of clinicals or week 4. Students can also pay the full program cost ($2,000.00) in 1 payment.

If an outside source is sponsoring all or a portion of the program cost, a signed authorization from the agency/source must be provided at the time of registration and approved by Autumn. If the agency is paying anything less than the full amount for the program, the student is responsible for the total remaining balance before the last day of clinical training.

Tuition is to be paid by Credit Card or ATM with a Credit Card Logo only.


Students are expected to come prepared to class with all homework assignments completed. Students are required to pass written exams (quizzes and a final exam) with a minimum of 80%. Students have the opportunity to retake quizzes and the final exam one time. If a student does not successfully pass on their second attempt of a quiz or the final exam, they will be dismissed from the program. An overall score of 85% is required to successfully complete the training program.

Students are required to demonstrate competency of all skills required in the program. Evaluation of competency occurs both in the lab and clinical components of the program.
All skills listed in the California Nurse Assistant Training Student Handbook will be performed with 100% accuracy. This is mandatory before attending clinical setting. In the clinical setting students are expected to demonstrate respect, truthfulness, reliability, timeliness and good judgment in providing safe care to residents.

Flexible Tuition Payment Terms Available

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